Save Money, Save the Planet.

Your life is great, but not the tons of carbon dioxide you emit each year. So we reinvented the energy utility.

Erase your carbon footprint. Get smart home devices. $49/month.

Fight climate change on your own terms.
Upgrade your home

Upgrade your Home

Get energy-efficient smart-home devices shipped to your door each month.

The world's first carbon removal utility

The World's First Carbon Removal Utility

We help offset your monthly carbon emissions by removing carbon dioxide directly from the air.

Customized for you

Customized for You

Advanced algorithms analyze your personal energy use to help us create a custom plan based on your needs.



We're in this together. 24/7 on-site customer support is always available. We'll personally install your devices for you if you want.

How it Works

Solving climate change by building the world's first carbon removal utility.

Offset your CO2 emissions

Offset your CO2 Emissions

It starts with our artificial forest, 10x better at capturing carbon dioxide than a regular forest. We analyze your monthly emissions to create a custom offset plan for you.

Upgrade your energy efficiency

Upgrade your Energy Efficiency

We send energy-saving devices to your door each month for free, to help you save money (and the environment).

Smile and Save

Make it Rain

Not only are you saving money on your utility bill, you're officially carbon-neutral! You can keep track of how much CO2 you've removed from the atmosphere through our online dashboard.

This Month's Upgrade Pack Includes (but is not limited to)

Fight climate change on your own terms.

But that's not all. Each upgrade pack is customized for you, personally. It comes with multiple ways for you to improve your energy efficiency, while offsetting up to 100% of your carbon emissions.

Simple, transparent pricing

No hidden fees or complicated plans.
  • Become carbon-neutral
  • Customized CO2 offsets
  • Monthly energy efficiency subscription
  • Cancel any time for free

You have the power to solve climate change.